Mutiny - Gulity As Charged
Demo CD
Heavy Metal
2 songs ()
Release year: 2000
Reviewed by Chris

Mutiny is a Greek heavy metal band. They haven't release a full album yet and frankly I'm egger to listen to it once completed. In the meanwhile they send us this Demo CD with 2 tracks.

The first song (Under The Cross-Bone Flag) on the CD is amazing ! Original and then filled with inspiration from the last 2 decades of Metal. This song is a great achievement, congratulations ! The guitars riffs are nicely done and the song writing is excellent. Not to mention the singer and his incredible voice. Strong riffs mixes with background melodies in a very smart way. The song is grabbing the listeners attention directly and once the melodies enters your minds they won't leave it anyday soon. The only weakpoint of this song is it's chorus which is on a slower tempo that the rest of the songs and kinda stop the song where it should embrace the power coming from the verse to my opinion.

Second track who bears the name of the demo CD (Guilty As Charged) is quiet different from the first one. It's a less technical song, were the first one could have very much been a true-metal song this one is more heavy from the 80's. This song is nice as well and confirms my impression of the band : talented. Only problem on this song : the chorus background voice is a bit strange (somehow reminding me of A. Banderas).

With a stronger production this band can become a big surprise in the Greek and European metal scene, and that's all we wish for them. If you want to listen to their work or simply contact them then go and check out their website. And before I forget : great artcover ! Keep up the good work guys !

Killing Songs :
Under The Cross-Bone Flag !
Chris quoted 74 / 100
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