Cemetary 1213 - The Beast Divine
Century Media
Unpredictable Melodic Metal
10 songs (40'12)
Release year: 2000
Century Media
Reviewed by Danny

The story goes back to 1992 when Cemetary made their first step into the heavy music world with a rather old-school death metal-oriented debut, An Evil Shade Of Grey, on Black Mark Productions. Time passed and Cemetary evolved into a super catchy, gothic-inspired metal act that invested some time and effort in creating relaxed atmosphere for their songs.

Almost a black metal voice, aggressive riffs, melodic solos ... and if you allow me one comparison it will have be without hesitation In Flames ("Firewire", "Anthem Apocalypse"). I am talking about this typical "Swedish" melodic death metal. Here Cemetary 1213 is always unpredictable : catchy (first song, "The Lighting / Firewire"), gothic-influenced metal (second song, "Union Of The Rats" with this power metal guitar riff "à la" Pantera, sometimes more aggressive, heavy guitar riffs, imaginative songs and also some cold industrial compositions ("Antichrist 3000").

In two words, this kind of album is for open mind metal fan, who are looking for different emotions, different metal style, different song on each track ... and not this kind of "fast-food" metal. A very nice surprised for me. I didn't know them before and this album is a really cool surprised. But, as I said above, I am a fan of In Flames and this record reminds me them and also Lake Of Tears. A bit predictable after the forth song but this is well done guys.

Killing Songs :
The Lighting / Firewire, Union Of The Rats, Anthem Apocalypse
Danny quoted 78 / 100
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