Accept - Rich and Famous
Heavy Metal
3 songs (11'30)
Release year: 2002
Accept, Drakkar
Reviewed by Marty
Major event
Just when you thought you'd heard the last from these German Metal Gods, Drakkar Records announces that they are releasing a special DVD called Accept - Metal Blast From The Past. As a teaser for the fans, this 3 song mini-CD is being released as a special one-time printing limited edition prior to the release of the DVD. This band has always been one of my favorite metal bands and to get something like this is a real treat especially when it appeared that there was going to be no more from this band as far as either new or unreleased material. This CD contains three songs and a special muti-media section for Mac and PC users.

The first track, Rich and Famous, was originally released as a bonus track for the Japanese version of Objection Overruled. I've known about this song for a few years now and it's great to finally hear it! What a great classic Accept track it is!! It's a fast bluesy rock anthem in pure Accept tradition. A very catchy, uptempo song with the typical Udo Dirkschneider wail and the great gang style choruses this band has always been known for. It reminds me a lot of such Accept classics as Burning or I'm A Rebel and contains some awesome lead guitar by Wolf Hoffmann.

The next track is the original 8-track demo version of the classic song Breaker. It's a very rough sounding early version of this track and sounds like it was recorded live in the studio. All the elements are there that eventually made it to the final killer version found on the Breaker album but Udo's voice is not quite as menacing and the drums and guitars sound really thin. Some of the lyrics are different as well.

The last track is a great acoustic version of Writing On The Wall, originally done on the Death Row album. It's a stripped down version with just 2 acoustic guitars accompanying Udo's voice, creating an ominous overtone as he sings about the evils and sins of mankind and how it will eventually catch up to us......"I see the writing on the wall....."

The DVD that's coming out, Metal Blasts From The Past contains the famous Osaka, Japan concert that was originally heard on the Staying A Life album many years ago. A large chunk from a concert in 1993 is also featured as well as lots of behind the scenes footage. One cool thing too is that this DVD will be in DVD-plus format. This means that there's also a large audio only section on this DVD that can be accessed by simply popping it in your CD player. Aside from the three songs on this CD single, there' s other unreleased demo tracks from years gone by and a few Japanese only bonus tracks. This will probably be the final release from this classic metal band and one any Accept fan shouldn't be without.

Killing Songs :
Rich and Famous
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