Cryonic Temple - Chapter One
Underground Symphony
Power Metal
9 songs (43'37)
Release year: 2002
Cryonic Temple, Underground Symphony
Reviewed by Chris

Here comes another Power Metal band, seems like the new wave of True Metal will never stop. Since I really like this style, I won't say I complain too much, though they might be too many bands these days, especially medium ones. But Cryonic Temple doesn't belong in that category, they actually are in the top bunch of more than fairly good bands.

I'd say that the band sound like a mix of Iron Maiden, Manowar, Judas Priest and a little bit like Edguy. The singer is quite good but tends too sing too much a la Manowar on the verses, while I prefer the nice melodies coming from his vocals during the choruses of the songs. The guitar work is really amazing, with riffs and solos flying all over the place, as much melodic as they are technical. The can be quite epic on some songs like Heavy Metal Never Dies, Metal Brothers, King Of Transylvania, Steel Against Steel or even Mighty Warrior. The singer can sometimes sounds like Bruce Dickinson or also like Magnum's singer on 1 or 2 songs. They may not have invented anything new, but they play metal with their hearts and deliver some really good songs like : Metal Brothers, Warsong, Rivers Of Pain... only to name my favorites.

A band that displays an interesting showcase of Power Metal songs, some very epic songs, some more "Heavy Metal Spirit" ones, with a very good production and not a single boring moment on the album. If you like the mentioned bands and Power Metal is your game, then don't miss this band, my little finger is telling me you're gonna like Cryonic Temple. Also, if you like long, melodic and technical solos, then I'm sure you'll find plenty of them in this Chapter One. Cryonic Temple might need to find a more "personal" sound, but until they do (hopefully on Chapter Two), I'll be enjoying this very good debut album. Keep up the good work

Killing Songs :
Metal Brothers, Warsong, Rivers Of Pain, Kings Of Transylvania & Steel Against Steel.
Chris quoted 80 / 100
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