Iravu - A Fate Worse Than Home
Fiadh Productions
Black Metal
5 songs (34:15)
Release year: 2023
Official Bandcamp
Reviewed by Goat

A one-man band hailing from Singapore, Iravu's first full-length since forming in 2021 is a welcome addition to the international scene. With plenty of influence from the originals of the genre alongside a newer, almost post-black approach to melody that sees a shimmering beauty to some of the riffs, A Fate Worse Than Home is far from the worst thing that you could listen to! The overall mix of sounds is, like the better post-black outfits out there, closer to post-rock than the likes of Liturgy, particularly on the rumbling The Creature which strays into ambient sludge territory at points before reverting back into blackened speed. Mainman Hareesh proves himself a capable shrieker, placing his vocals and (programmed, but not distractingly so) drums at the back behind walls of rather lovely guitar lines and what must be at least one keyboard. And although the songs present vary in styles, from more abstract atmospheric pieces to more metallic and impactful, overall the impression is terrific.

It's not all perfect; ambient interlude Reflection is too long and repetitive at over four minutes and although it serves well as a break before the more guitar-shredding Fear and Lead could easily have been left off. This is already a short album at just over half an hour's length, but there's no reason it couldn't have been shorter if that would suit the listen overall! And a little more balance between the jagged guitars and more spacey atmospheric moments would suit the music better, although it's notable that the best moments present are when the two interact in some way. The opening title track is a good example, switching between them frequently and keeping your attention well, as is the closing Home, a more muscular and galloping piece of black metal that comes complete with widdly soloing. It all fits together more or less, although you sense that future releases from the project will focus more on one facet of the band's various styles than another. They'll be well worth your time regardless; Iravu is a name to remember.

Killing Songs :
A Fate Worse Than Home, Home
Goat quoted 70 / 100
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