Wratheon - Black Thrash Mass
Self Financed
Super Melodic Death / Traditional Metal
5 songs (16:15)
Release year: 2021
Reviewed by Ben
Surprise of the month

This is a nice little release from out of nowhere. Black Thrash Mass appears to be the debut EP from newcomers Wratheon, who hail from the United States. This is a surprise because the music contained here is ultra melodic melodeath with vocals that are a ringer for self titled Wintersun vibes. I wouldn't go so far as to call this thrash or blackened thrash or anything like that, but this is definitely in the more up tempo vein of the genre and not middling boring crap.

Guitar melody lines are at the forefront of this band's sound. Riffs are competent and decent and carry the verses, but there are melody explosions going off at almost every juncture in the songs. But these aren't say, happy and jubilant In Flames Colony era melodies, rather these are longing, desperate, yet fiercely burning melodies. They go hand in hand with what appears to be the band's ethos. Apparently Wratheon is based lyrically on systemic oppression and sociological issues. The melodies have a decided "Call to arms" feel to them to further reinforce the underlying theme of revolt.

Clocking in at under seventeen minutes, Black Thrash Mass is over and done real quick but leaves a tremendous lasting impression. Wratheon show the strength of a solid EP. I've actually listened to this one several times over on ye olde Spotify and hope there's a full length coming soon. Don't go in here expecting some kind of thrash clinic, or shrieking northern frostbitten black metal, nor is it pedantic middling melodeath. This is a pretty authentic, if not completely original offering to the metal gods, and it is good.

Killing Songs :
In Seance, A Fire Burns, Life, With Crimson Eyes
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