Shrieking Demons - Diabolical Regurgitations
Caligari Records
Death Metal
4 songs ()
Release year: 2021
Reviewed by Alex

Digging info on Shrieking Demons was a little difficult. Judging by the names of the bands Shrieking Demons members used to play for, it seems to me that the band hails from Italy. Digging their debut EP Diabolical Regurgitations was a little easier since there is plenty to like here.

One would think with the moniker like Shrieking Demons the band would be somewhere in the realm of hardcore punk, yet Shrieking Demons are pretty firmly grounded in old school death metal. And I have to say the band doesn’t just blast and play fast. They take their time, dredge a little doom (to open up Water Drop Torture or Whispering Corridors, for example), have diversity, and like to insert their knives a little slower. Along with methodical chopping though their riffs can gain a mocking edge, guitars would acquire an extra drill bit to them so the atmosphere can feel a little thrashy (Hidden Cathedral of Diseases). You wouldn’t call this EP death metal though without Shrieking Demons putting on display some certain moments of insanity. Preceded by a bass line Hidden Cathedral of Diseases goes on an exploratory missive, Unspeakable Rites enters chaos and begins headbanging followed by hungry lunges, while madness rules the solos at the end of Whispering Corridors. Interestingly enough that Shrieking Demons elected to make their sound very clear, rather than dirty. Their dungeony, juicy production suits them very well, taking nothing away from the grime and intensity of their music. Vocals are also human, depraved and wounded, but human nonetheless, rather the elephantine growls and vomits.

You won’t call Shrieking Demons Bloodbath or Autopsy imitators, because they are not. With the nod to the past they crafted their own present, and it is pretty damn feisty.

Killing Songs :
Hidden Cathedral of Diseases
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