Vollmond - Wolves in Turmoil
Black/doom metal
6 songs (33' 40")
Release year: 2021
Reviewed by Andy

I knew Peter's work from his more prolific ABM project, Blaze of Sorrow, but for more than fifteen years he's also had Vollmond, which features a doomy black metal style. Wolves in Turmoil, the band's latest, is as well-crafted as his other work, showing off a somewhat colder and more aggressive side without going into truly raw territory.

Almost the very first thing I noticed here is the drumming, which is forward in the mix to give it plenty of expression. The guitar work is colder and faster, and there's an edge of menace in Peter's harsh vocals as his growl verges on a hoarse shout in places. It's not unrelentingly grim, though: The chorus on And With Darkness It Rises, after all the dissonance of the verses, has a melodic contrast, while The Torment of Repulsion even throws in a slithery little guitar solo, setting off the chunky mess of riffs, which churn like an alligator death-roll during the verses and whip themselves into a fury on the choruses. Peter's a master of layering and transitions in his tracks, and clean picking holds its own beside the harsh elements, occasionally forming a pool of stillness as the distortion abruptly stops. Though I think I still personally prefer the introspective sound of Blaze of Sorrow, Wolves in Turmoil is still very good, showing a different side of Peter's creative output than one gets with his other project.

Bandcamp: https://vollmond.bandcamp.com/album/wolves-in-turmoil.

Killing Songs :
And With Darkness It Rises, Obedience Master
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