Hexivoid - The Beckoning of Celestial Tendrils
Morning Star Heathens Music Group
Atmospheric black metal
6 songs (28' 20")
Release year: 2020
Reviewed by Andy

Hexivoid is a relatively new project, one of the stream of extreme metal projects its maker has turned out in just a few short years. While other Nattskog projects have explored death, doom, and thrash, Hexivoid is Burzum-influenced atmospheric black metal with cosmic leanings.

Atmospheric black metal in space has gotten a variety of treatments; Darkspace made it a cold, nihilistic killing ground, while Mare Cognitum's space is a maximalist heaven of light and wonder. The Beckoning of Celestial Tendrils doesn't adhere to the aesthetic of either one. The guitars are buzzing and mechanized, with an echoing vastness behind them, the drums crammed into the bottom of the range with barely room to maneuver under the layers of cold guitar dissonance. The production is decidedly lo-fi and heavy on treble, with Daughter of the Cosmos's thin, high-pitched soloing guitar over blunt two-chord riffs being one of my favorite moments on the album. The title track is a fast, screechy affair, with tremolo picking alternating with a rhythmless, atonal blast of high notes.

The Beckoning of Celestial Tendrils is a decent listen, though its abrasive sound may not keep listeners' interest for more than a few spins. Fans of cosmic ABM such as Darkspace would probably it the most.

Bandcamp: https://analogragnarok.bandcamp.com/album/the-beckoning-of-celestial-tendrils.

Killing Songs :
Daughter of the Cosmos
Andy quoted 76 / 100
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