W.A.S.P. - K.F.D.
Victor Entertainment
Industrial Metal
10 songs (45:47)
Release year: 1997
Reviewed by Ben
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K.F.D. is one of W.A.S.P.'s most controversial albums. This was released smack dab in the middle of the nineties and is definitely the band's attempt to reinvent their sound and image. Way more so than even Kreator did, W.A.S.P. go full industrial on this album. There's NIN type keyboards everywhere, lots of vocal distortion effects, and most importantly, gallons and gallons of pure hatred. This is Blackie Lawless at his most pissed off and the lyrics reflect this rage. To put things in perspective, both he and long time guitarist Chris Holmes were going through ugly divorces. As Blackie has said, "this album is pure rage through electronics."

The title track opens us up and away we go! Kill Fuck Die sets the tone immediately, and that is one of hedonistic anger and self destruction! Lyrics are very violent and you realize right away this album is about, killing, fucking, and um, oh yeah, death. Take The Addiction is a not quite as good second helping of the title track. It's not weak by any stretch, but it just sounds like the first song's literal b-side. Perhaps the only real slow song, My Tortured Eyes, is a semi bluesy song where Blackie wants to die because he says "Kill me" over and over. What follows though is the meat of this album, a long run of songs that hit hard one after another. Killahead has a very White Zombie type intro and there's some intense back and forth vocals using vocal filters. Favorite line is "I'll do you like / the animal you are / execution style." Kill Your Pretty Face is the first true epic and a truly spooky song. Tribal drums and eastern melodies make you feel as if you're walking through an immeasurable desert at night, when you stumble across this tent. As the narrator beckons to you he pulls back the flap of the tent's entrance to let you in. Inside the tent you become a witness to terrible, terrible things. Fetus is an intro track to Little Death and is kinda funny because you have Blackie screaming "I'M A FETUUUUUSSSS!" Little Death is about fucking someone to death. U was written about Blackie's ex wife and has heartfelt lyrics like, "You fucking suck," and "kill yourself for me." The other huge epic on this album is the grand finale, The Horror. This one has it all, the super creepy vibe of Kill Your Pretty Face, a long and dramatic build up to a huge chorus, and an evil communion spoken word chant section. If Kill Your Pretty Face as about you the listener in solace and in terror, then The Horror has you experiencing a full on blood ritual with an entire cloaked cult.

The tour for K.F.D. was recorded and released as the Double Live Assassins album. A hefty chunk of the songs from K.F.D. are played and they translate well to the live setting. The live versions are stripped of the industrial sheen and come across as truly angry songs. They actually fit in well with some of the more "mature" songs that W.A.S.P. have done rather than their "hey bud, let's party" type of songs. I mentioned before that W.A.S.P. underwent a shift in their image to be more "nineties" and woooo they went full Manson meets The Crow. Latex shirts, assless chaps, "Crow / Sting the Wrassler" makeup, the whole nine yards. Their new look as well as the huge shift in sound was not so well received by many of their fans. The followup album, Helldorado was a huge backpedal for the band. Gone were any of the industrial elements, gone were the hateful, spite filled lyrics, and what we got was three chord southern style rock about cocaine and having dirty, sweaty balls. Granted, it's a fun party record but Helldorado feels a bit disingenuous after the huge emotional outpouring that is all over K.F.D. This is an angry album for raging hard. If you find yourself pissed, break out this album and blast it like a mofo.

Killing Songs :
Killahead, Kill Your Pretty Face, Little Death, The Horror
Ben quoted 75 / 100
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