Wizards - The Kingdome
Arise Records
True Metal
11 songs (50'00)
Release year: 2002
Arise Records
Reviewed by Danny

Here comes the second Spanish band of the week called Wizards.

Don't get confused with the German true metal band called Wizard, as there is a huge difference between Wizard & Wizards and this is ... experience. After an excellent start (The Kingdom or Fallen Angels), things are becoming very usual, tasteless, not to say "copy-pasted". The vocalist doesn't really help the band ... as the guy is really conventional. Compared to Red Wine, the vocalist sings this time in English.

The song-writing is too easy for my taste, the kind of stuff written by bands in the 80's, but we have forgot their names since a long time now. The production is good enough and I am sure Wizards is influenced by the German metal scene as these guys have a devotion for Helloween. However, there is still a lot of work to be done before "touching the sky". The solo on Riding The Twilight proves these musicians are talented, but one or two solo guitar for an album is a bit short for my wallet. Again here, the lake of originality is evident - it has almost become a trademark now with all these true metal bands.

The very small light of "hope" comes from Willing To Be Free (6th track) : fast, melodic, well structured and finally original with a break in the middle of the song, proving again these guys need to leave their direct influences at home when they enter in studio next time. Last but not least, why the hell using the same solo-structure on the next song (The Call Of War, 7th track) ? Why do you copycat ... yourself ???

It gonna be a hard and long way to leave the underground and I thing there are too many bands out there betting only on the art-cover. That's a short term view and ... a wrong bet !

Killing Songs :
Willing To Be Free
Danny quoted 60 / 100
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