Majestic - Trinity Overture
Massacre Records
Melodic Heavy Metal "à la Malmsteen"
10 songs (51'18)
Release year: 2000
Majestic, Massacre Records
Reviewed by Chris

Majestic are back after their highly acclaimed Abstract Symphony with this second opus : Trinity Overture. Now for those who don't know Majestic, they play a Malsteenian metal, which in other words would be fast and highly technical with strong guitar / keyboard solos They are indeed very technical and melodic in the same time. That was at least the case with Abstract Symphony (which is a great album), and somehow I'm quiet disappointed with their new opus. First there's absolutely nothing new... in the contrary they play more and more like Malmsteen. A strong resemblance with Symphony X as well is present, and some Dream Theater twists then and there. With this casting like resemblance you would hope for a masterpiece but it gets too technical for me. Of course it's nicely done, the songs are very complex but that's like the music had lost its soul and no longer create any emotions (perhaps not any... let's say alot less of them). They are a few tracks that are very nice and produces some effects : those are the ones that are not too fast paced and more hard-rock like. I'm sure many people will love this album and think I'm a fool, I don't care, music produces emotions within ourselves when we listen to it, and when these are gone I can't listen to simple notes of music put one after the other, no matter how technical they are.

The production is still excellent, like it already was the case for their first album. As strange as it seems the album gets better at the end, less typical songs with some inspiration and life. I'm a bit severe here cause I really waited for a better album and this one is not as good as the first one, but that doesn't make it bad. This is a good album for all Malmsteen fans, no doubts there... and perhaps it will touch you more than it touched me. However if you're not a huge Malmsteen fan but loved the precedent album (like me), then I suggest you try it first.

Killing Songs :
Curtain Of Fire, Confusicus
Chris quoted 80 / 100
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