Moloch / Groak - Split
Dry Cough Records
Sludge / Doom
2 songs (12' 26")
Release year: 2019
Reviewed by Andy

UK Sludge/doom veterans Moloch's split with relative newcomers Groak isn't my usual fare, but despite the latter band's claim of having more in common with DIY punk and hardcore than metal, both are likely to be great listens for doom metal fans. Moloch's contribution is deliberate and miserable, a single riff slowly disassembling the listener to the sound of Chris Braddock's unintelligible shrieks until it abruptly cuts off in a burst of feedback.

Groak sounds similar but even further downtuned and more agonized. Feedback wanders in and out of the pummeling (but slow, oh so slow) riffing as the drums speed up and slow down as if in a fever dream. Steve Myles and Ben Southern each contribute horrific screams as the mindlessly simple riffs take over for a while, ending in a chaotic mess. I'd rate Moloch's contribution as my favorite of the two, but both are a good listen if one likes the slow, sludgy side of things.

Killing Songs :
Both are quite satisfying
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