Monarque - Jusqu'A de la Mort
Sepulchral Productions
Black Metal
3 songs (22'32")
Release year: 2019
Sepulchral Productions
Reviewed by Alex

Monarque is another one in line of the prominent Quebecois black metal pantheon, and is mostly the work of one person after which the band takes its name. Monarque has been quiet for the long 6 years now, so Jusqu’A La Mort is a reminder that the silence is temporary and the work continues behind the scenes.

The title track may be a little tight and abrasive at first, but soon develops into a classic trademark Quebec black metal. Wall of sound, banshee voice, rapid drumming, circular melodies – it is all here, captivating and pulling you in at the same time. Alcest euphoric, but with significant amount of more shrill, colder and trudging through the snow, Jusqu’A La Mort is an epitome of Monarque not deviating from his vision of black metal both atmospheric and blasphemous.

Le serment pronounce takes a more narrative, less fleeting, path. Guitars still whirl, but now churn in more deliberate tempo, there is even a quick quiet moment, before the flow resumes, braiding in another guitar (or maybe it is synth?) layer. Le grand deuil is a grand finale, the 10+ min track throwing everything and a kitchen sink into the mix. Violin/cello opening, longing Scottish highlands melody, switching to absolutely grinding guitar tone similar to recently reviewed Siculicidium – the song takes the listener on the levitation experience … before crash landing it towards the end with some more somber strings.

Slightly less than quarter hour, which you won’t notice flying by, Jusqu’A La Mort is on one hand typical Quebecois black metal, yet it has a few distinguishing individual moments.

Killing Songs :
Alex quoted 80 / 100
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