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 Post subject: 'Live Report - Sonata Arctica and After Forever - October 9,
PostPosted: Mon Oct 15, 2007 7:45 pm 
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Live Report - Sonata Arctica and After Forever - October 9, 2007 - Houston, Texas
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 15, 2007 8:50 pm 

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Maybe I had simply bad luck, but I saw Sonata two nights in a row before their Houston gig, at Progpower, and then at the Haven in Orlando the day after Prog Power. Both times I was a bit disappointed in their performances. Not their song lists or anything, but the simple lack of energy outside of Tony. Marko looked bored as always and barely every looked like cared, Henrik was much of the same way, though he was probably plastered. Elias tried his best nad has a cool chemistry with Tony but he definately looked like he felt out of place, but thats to be expected. However, despite Tony's energy, after seeing them two nights in a row, on the second night I got to actually watch him in depth and see him zone out while doing his thing. I remember Tony made a statement a while back saying that he was concerned because he was finding himself bored and zoning out during gigs, and watching him those 2 nights definately made me think he's still having that problem.

A huge concern from the Progpower crowd as well was that Progpower was just another stop on their tour, they didn't do anything special for being headliners at the biggest US Metal festival. There was absolutely 0 difference between their Progpower show and their show at a bar of 100 people, even the dialog in between was the same.

Then again, Prog Power and Orlando were in the last 3 gigs on their tour, with Houston being the last. Could be they were burned out but recharged a bit for the last show. I'm not bashing on Sonata, I love them to death and that includes Unia, I really think they need to take a break from touring. With half the band not even trying to hide the fact they don't want ot be there, and Tony spacing out in concerts, something he said he hates doing, they really need to make this tour their last for a while. They've been touring their asses off, but I think its time for a rest for them to recharge and rejuvinate their energy.

As an aside, After Forever at Progpower was amazing too, they worked really well energy-wise with what they had, including a ton of technical problems. Floors is amazing and hit every high note the entire evening. I also was very suprised to hear 2 songs off Decipher and 2 songs off Prison of Desire, I anticipated only hearing their newer material, so was pleasantly suprised to hear some old Gothic material as well. All in all they had a great kick off to their US tour!

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, 2007 1:19 am 
I have to agree with Holy Prince. i saw them here in Montreal and was very disappointed with the show. Except for the singer, almost everyone looked like they wanted to shoot themselves on stage. I don't usually drink at shows because i want to remember the performance accurately, but that evening i went all-out to make the experience better... and almost got arrested after challenging a cop to a wrestling match after the show... but thats a different story.

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