Jens Carlsson is a jack of all trades. He is also fast becoming one of metals most prolific voices. His main band Persuader has wreaked havoc on many listeners ears and his involvement in the highly publicized Savage Circus project has only increased his noteriety within the metal realm.
How did you become involved with Savage Circus?
It began with Thomen calling me and Emil and we were interested in doing some work together. He had heard the Perusader album and I think he liked what he heard.
What was your input on the songwriting process for Dreamland Manor?
My input was mostly lyric wise and vocal melodies but also to put everything in its place , like riffs and stuff, we did all that together.
Is the fact that your singing voice sounds strikingly similar to Hansi Kursch an inexplicable coincidence or was it something that you set out to do?
I have been singing this way my whole life, I don't know another way to do it. It is flattering that people compare me to him cos he is a very good singer, but the comparisons are getting a little old by now.
What was your goal as a vocalist when you signed on to Savage Circus?
As a vocalist I don't think I have a goal, but the goal for the band is to play a lot of shows and have fun and make good music of course, but I am sure I will develop my singing skills because of more live performances.
How do you feel about certain people calling Savage Circus a “Blind Guardian clone” ?
Well it's not that strange because it all started with Thomen wanting to do an album in the old Blind Guardian style, but Dreamland Manor is so much more then that.
Looking back over your career what do you consider your biggest accomplishment so far?
I must say when Persuader was getting the first record deal with the Swedish label LNP (Loud n' Proud) and then to go to France to do our first gig in Europe, that was the thing I felt the most proud about but I have many more things that I want to accomplish.
The Hunter was released in 2000 when Power Metal was at its peak and was given numerous praises from the media. Now in 2005 with much of the Power Metal genre on a serious decline do you feel that Persuader has missed out on their chance for stardom in these past five years?
No not really, but I think it would have been better if we didn't lose those years that we had without a label.
Contrasting Persuader to Savage Circus, how do the two bands differ in your mind?
In many ways. The riffs and the way of doing vocals lines, I think I manage good to keep everything I do with both bands separate.
What drove you to resurrect Persuader and record Evolution Purgatory?
The band did'nt resurrect, the band just needed a pause to find a new guitarist and a new label. We would never cancel Persuader.
In Persuader you an Emil are an intangible guitar duo that compose inventive and forceful riffs and solos. Why was the decision made for you to provide vocals only for Savage Circus?
I can assure you , I'm not that good of a guitarist so we got a better one. (laughs)
What does the future hold for Persuader?
As we speak I am sitting in Hamburg at the Powerhouse studio, where we are recording vocals for the new Persuader album “When Eden Burns.” I'll be here for another two weeks doing that and the second of January we are going to mix the product. Come summertime we hope to go on tour and play festivals.
How did your role in Matt Moliti’s Dark Empire come about?
He sent me an email and told me he liked my voice. Matt then sent me a couple of promo songs and I was hooked. The album came out really good.
Is Dark Empire a one off project or do you see yourself staying as a full time member?
I don't really know yet, we'll see what happens in the future. It is not impossible that we will do something together again.
Are there any other projects that you are working on?
No, there are nothing more at the time.
Any last words for our readers?
Take care heavy metal maniacs and watch out for the new Perusader album “When Eden Burns” in April!

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