Gary from Inner Wound Recordings contacted me for this interview with their first band signed, Andromeda.
This new album, Manifest Tyranny, marks a decade since Extension Of The Wish. How do you feel these last ten years have gone as a band, and what do you imagine or hope the next ten will hold?
I’m happy with what we’ve done, I just wish we could have done more. But it’s never too late to do just that! So I guess I hope we will be able to put more time into the band. As always, it’s a question of money…
Has your new label, Inner Wound Recordings, provided any changes from before? You are, after all, the very first band to sign with them.
They are great. It’s nice to have a label that genuinely loves the music, and works hard to promote it. I worked closely with them when we did the artwork for Manifest Tyranny. It turned out great.
Manifest Tyranny is written with some extremely direct and hard-hitting political topics, which may stir up controversy from those who perhaps feel as if you were referring to them. Have any of the band members or the label received any negative backlash as a result of your lyrics?
I expected a lot of different reactions to my lyrics this time. Of course some will always be sceptical to lyrics like these. But an overwhelming majority seem to love it!
Martin Hedin is regarded by some as one of progressive metal's best and most versatile keyboard players. Could he provide a little insight into how he approaches each song and how he designs the sounds and effects used?
Oh, thank you very much! Most of my time and effort goes into writing the music, so believe it or not but I don’t consider sound design to be my strongest side. I do have a very clear approach to it though, I always try to do what is best for the song, and not what will be the coolest thing for me to play or something like that. Of course, one element of Andromeda is show-off solos, but if that was all we did nobody would stand it I think :)
What is an overall end result you would like to accomplish with this album? Is it meant to educate the public, like for example the website, or are you looking for a more active response?
I don’t think about it that way. For me it was a way to deal with all my frustration at the ways of the western world, particularly the ruling elite. I had to get it out of my system. Of course I hope the album will be a bit like the red pill of the Matrix for people, but that was never the main objective, it’s a bonus if it happens. About the website you mentioned, it’s very good to be sceptical and ask questions. Just remember to be sceptical and ask questions also when you read stuff like that.
Do you think future albums will stay with a similar political theme? It seems to be a significant passion for the band.
I honestly don’t know. It’s definitely a passion for me (bordering on obsession), and I write most of our lyrics, so maybe you’re right. But there’s no decision to become a political band from now on. Maybe the next album will be about all the things to be happy about in life. Wouldn’t that be something, haha!
Would Andromeda enjoy returning to ProgPower USA some time in the future to reconnect with American fans?
Very much so! It was a great experience. I will never forget the signing session that just wouldn’t end!
Have you ever considered perhaps creating a film as Nightwish did with Imaginaerum to give fans further visualization of the message you are bringing?
I had some visual ideas for some of the individual songs on Manifest Tyranny, but the form of the concept is not linear enough to translate to a full-length film, I think. Maybe with the right story. You really have to have something to say if you want to do that. You shouldn’t make a film just because you have some money and it would be fun. I can see why you asked, because we really do have something to say with this album, but the message is clear as it is without images, I think.
Are you active with any other movements that also focus on reversing corruption in government and other injustices?
Not as much as I would want to. For instance, I wish I had been a part of the Occupy Wallstreet protests, but when you have kids and you’re struggling to make ends meet it’s not very easy. They got me where they want me :)
Thank you so much for taking time to think about our questions! Any quick advice for those just beginning in the music industry?
Thank you! Interesting ones! As for the advice… stay true to what you want, don’t let the industry tell you what to be, don’t try to do something you think people want to hear, do music that you would like to hear. If you’re into making music, that is. If you’re more interested in money, do the exact opposite. Or even better, get into another industry!

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