The man, the myth, the legend - MetalReviews speaks to Varg Vikernes
After Hliðskjálf we waited eleven years for a Burzum album, and now just under a year after Belus, another Burzum album is due already! Why release another album so soon...
Because I can. The first four albums (and Aske too) were all made in a period of 18 months, so you should not be surprised by the fact that I make much music fast. I am sorry if my productivity when not in prison is in conflict with your expectations.
... and will we have another album in a year's time?
No. You will have another album, From the Depths of Darkness, in September. So in about six month's time from the release date of Fallen. It is a compilation album of re-recorded tracks from the two first albums.
You've gone from Belus to Valen, from 'shining white' to 'fallen' in album titles - has Burzum suffered a loss of purity?
The title of the album is Fallen, and this is a Norwegian title. It happens to be the same in English, but it is actually very much a Norwegian title. Valen is a track on the album named Fallen, and this too means Fallen in English. We have several words for this in Norwegian, with a slightly different meaning. Has Burzum suffered a loss of purity? No, Burzum has made a new album with a new theme.
Why did you decide to experiment with Fallen, returning to the band’s early days for inspiration?
Fallen was inspired so much by the two first albums simply because I was working with the re-recording of the tracks from the two first albums (for From the Depths of Darkness) whilst making Fallen. I decided to do new things with Fallen because I am not some static entity, locked in time and unable to move on in life.
Your vocals have changed a lot, Fallen featuring much clean singing and whispers. Again, what's the reason for this change?
It worked well on Belus, and I took it further on Fallen. I move on, forwards...
What were your influences for 'Til Hel og tilbake igjen', the percussive piece that closes Fallen?
The Burzum début album and Det som engang var, or if you like; an image in my head of a deity escorting the dead into the realm of death.... and back out again. A march into Hel.
We know that you don't consider your music to be 'black metal' any more - so what is it?
Heavy metal. Metal. Burzum.
Do you enjoy Black Metal bands that have a clear Burzum influence, such as Drudkh, Beatrik, Taake, and so on?
I have heard none of them.
Your website mentions a recent Russian tribute album called 'Born To Be White'. Should Burzum, or you yourself, be the target of tributes?
You should ask the Russians behind that tribute about this. I have no idea.
Have you met up with any former 'comrades' from the old days, and how does the Norwegian Black Metal scene regard you?
I know the Mayhem guys are very supportive, and so is Darkthrone, but I don't know anything about the rest. I don't care either, for that sake.
Are there any aspects of modern western civilisation that you enjoy?
Of course. For example; I enjoy the downfall of modern so-called “western” civilisation a lot... I look forward to it being replaced by true European civilisation. And I am ready for the troublesome changeover period. Si vis pacem, para bellum!
Are there any current musicians that appeal to you, any recommendations from your own playlist for our readers?
Well, I don't really care about musicians, or whether they appeal to me or not, but I can tell that I do like the music of The Cure a lot, and can recommend their albums to everyone, and I enjoy Future Sounds of London's albums called Lifeforms as well. That's all I listen to these days. I don't have much time to listen to music other than the music I am working with (so mostly I listen to unfinished Burzum music).
Will we ever see a guest musician on a future Burzum album?
Nah... Who needs a fifth wheel on the wagon? (Never say never though...)
And what does the future hold for Burzum, in more general terms? Where do you see it in, say, ten year's time, and will it ever end?
Everything ends. I live only in the present. Everything exists only in the present; even the future. Ten years? Maybe by then I have enlisted in some conscript army that accepts old and useless men like myself, and march towards the twilight of this world – and go down in a storm of steel, blood and fire. Who knows?
Many thanks! Any closing comments?
Thanks for the interest. Enjoy the music.

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